Data Protection – Back to Basics

After failing to apply security patches to their systems, resulting in the most serious breach of personal data in history, Equifax allowed 143 million personal records to fall into the hands of Cybercriminals. That data was Names, Drivers Licence Numbers, Social Security Numbers, Birthdates and Addresses. This from a company that purports to protect you from identity theft… what a catastrophic failure.

They followed this up on Twitter by pointing worried people to the WRONG website, a website that had been set up as a spoof…

Right now, Equifax currently faces more than 23 class-action lawsuits with at least one seeking more than $70 billion in damages. Add this to the estimated $20.2 billion in costs associated with repairing the damage of its breach ($8.3 billion more than the company’s market valuation), and Equifax looks certain to nosedive into bankruptcy and Chapter 11, and ultimately will be sold for scrap to one of its competitors.

So what went wrong along the way ? Best practice, that’s what. By failing to carry out the basics of data protection, Equifax find themselves in an impossible situation to recover from.

At blocz IO, we help our Partners and Customers do the right thing when it comes to Data Backup and Restoration. We ensure that should the worst happen to your data (loss or encryption), that you are in a position to quickly and completely recover from the loss, ensuring that Ransomware or Cybercrime doesn’t put an end to your business.

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