OVH data centre fire show needs for disaster recovery and backup plan

The extremely tragic fire that hit the OVH, a European Cloud Provider, Strasbourg data centre Wednesday of this week is said to have taken around 3.6 million websites out of action that also included several French government agencies.  It is esimated that just under 2% of .FR domain names was affected.

OVH Data Centre Fire

A tweet from the founder and chairman Oktave Klaba recommend that customers activate their Disaster Recover Plan.

At this point it because clear that not all companies had an active recovery plan in place or an effective plan that allowed them to recover data and services in a timely manner.  A number of banks and French government site had reported they they had been off-line for 15 hours or more.

There were many tweets and media posts around the event as it unfolded with Rust’s Twitter account reporting data loss and that all data will not be restored.  Following tweets from the Rust account reported that servers where returning online as they where replaced.

Rust also later confirmed that data lost due to the fire only included player progression data accross 25 servers.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery plans are and should be an important component of any business that replies on on-line services to support and run their business. 

Part of this planning could include a dual vendor or cloud provider strategy and blocz can help with a range of solutions to support a multi-cloud approach that includes Data Backup, Disaster Recovery covering hyperscaler’s like AWS, Azure and Google and vmware.

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